October 10, 2018

Essential items to pack when travelling to Bali with Kidz

Essential items to pack when travelling to Bali with Kidz

Travelling to Bali with kidz leads to excitement but also the worry of what to pack. We have provided a simple guide below of some of the essential items you may need when in Bali with kidz.

Let’s start with everyday medicines such as baby/children’s Panadol and Nurofen.  Whilst you can buy paracetamol and ibuprofen in Bali we would suggest you bring your own. This eliminates the stress of locating it and understanding the label which will be in Indonesian. Other essential items especially for babies are teething gel and bepanthen. Other items you may wish to consider packing are antihistamines and hydrolytes.

When in Bali with kidz we would also suggest you take extra precautions with mosquitos so bring a good mosquito lotion that’s safe for your child. Mosquito nets for both your stroller and cot are also highly recommended.

Whilst you can purchase sunscreen in Bali it tends to be on the expensive side so for this reason we suggest your bring from home

Nappies are readily available in Bali, we suggest Mamy Poko (blue packet) which are available in pull ups and nappies. Generally they are not expensive; a 32 pack of pulls up is usually under 100,000 rupiah. Wipes are also easy to buy however they are scented so if your child has an allergy best to bring from home. Swim nappies are not the easiest to locate here in Bali, so be prepared and bring from home.

Formula is available however you will most likely find you cannot buy the same brands compared to home. For this reason we suggest you bring from home and pack an extra supply in case your baby drinks more than usual. For children that drink fresh milk you can buy at most of the major supermarkets. The two brands we regularly use are Diamond and Greenfields. UHT milk is also available at every small shop.

Baby food is not readily available like it may be in your home country so for this reason we would suggest bringing from home. You can find a few variations of baby food which is usually anywhere between 30,000 – 50,000 rupiah per jar. For pouch food it’s near impossible and if you do find it expect to pay around 50,000 – 70,000 per pouch. On a positive Bali has a great range of fresh fruit available everywhere including mangos, watermelon, papaya, bananas and coconut.

We would also suggest bringing a strong stroller to navigate the footpaths and a baby carrier. Car seats are not widely used so if you need one check with your driver whether they can assist in obtaining one for you and that their car is fitted with the anchor point for correct installation.

Enjoy your holiday!

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