October 16, 2018

Bali With a Baby

Traveling with a baby to Bali does not need to be scary and worrying and you will find it’s relatively easy once you arrive. The key to a stress free holiday with a baby is being prepared. Indonesian’s love children and babies so don’t be alarmed if they want to hold your baby whilst you are eating at a restaurant, play with your baby and children at the beach and most likely want to take a photo of them. I have learnt over the years to just roll with it and enjoy the attention the kids receive.

We are raising our 3 children here and have done so since they were each around 7 weeks old and whilst we have had challenges I have found that things are improving and getting easier.

Let’s start with nappies as this is one of the questions we are asked the most. Do you need to bring from home? For me personally the answer is no. Nappies are available pretty much everywhere and there are many brands to choose from. My favorite brand being MamyPoko and this is the one brand that I have used with all 3 of our children. Personally I prefer pullups and from around 8 months have always swapped to them. A packet of 32 pull ups costs under 100,000 Rupiah. They are soft, absorbent and never caused me any leakages. MamyPoko has 2 choices and I suggest using the blue pack which are made for both boys and girls and available in both nappies and pullups.

Formula – bring from home plus a little extra. Whilst formula is readily available it will not be the same from your home country and for this reason I suggest you bring from home. All babies will react different with the heat, some will drink less and some will drink more so for this reason I suggest you bring extra with you just to be on the safe side. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to find a decent formula that your baby will drink.

Fresh milk is readily available at supermarkets; I use both Greenfields and Diamond and never have concerns. UHT is also available at supermarkets and general shops such as indomart and alfamart. If you are looking for milks such as lactose free, goats milk etc, whilst they are available they are not as easy to find.

What will your baby eat? Bali offers a range of fresh fruits and vegetables and depending on the age of yourbaby  you may find that you don’t need to think about what your baby will eat. Bananas, mangos, papaya, apples are all readily available and in restaurants you can usually ask for plain rice, eggs, vegetables, chicken etc. But if you have a baby just starting out on food its best to be prepared. Pouch food is not readily available and when you do find it its often very expensive for international brands. You can find in supermarkets such as Bintang and Grand lucky baby food in a jar, but again it’s not the cheapest. For this reason I would suggest bringing food from home. Just recently I have found small pouches of fruit which cost around 13,000 rupiah each.

Packing clothes for your baby is another one that you can spend so much time thinking about. My youngest (11 months) sleeps in a bonds onesie – long sleeves and legs ensures he is covered from mosquitos and is also kept at a good temperature when the air con is on all night. During the days he is happy in singlets and shorts. The weather doesn’t really get to cool, so whilst you don’t need to worry about warm clothes I would still suggest bringing some for the plane ride as it can get coolBali with a Baby


Other essential items to pack for your baby are swim nappies, light muslin wraps, baby sunscreen, panadol, nurofen, pram fan, hat, teething gel and mosquito repellant. These are all essential items that whilst you may be able to buy here they are not the same or difficult to locate.


Do you need a stroller, porta cot, car seat? A good stroller is recommended; I personally love our city mini, its compact, easy to fold up, has a large canopy to protect my baby from the sun and has strong wheels to navigate the footpaths in Bali.  A baby carrier is also recommended when visiting temples as often they are not stroller friendly.

Taking your own porta cot is your personal choice; however most hotels and villas will cater for this requirement and if they don’t you can always contact one of the many Baby hire businesses that can deliver to your hotel / villa. Most porta cots will also have a mosquito net which I feel is important when in a place like Bali.

Car seats are a personal choice and many drivers are now catering towards the needs of families and providing them on request. Getting to and from places in Bali can mean sitting in traffic for extended periods of time so you need to decide whether you want to hold you baby during the trip or have them sitting securely in a car seat. It’s a good idea to check with the driver to also make sure the car has the installed anchor points as most cars simply don’t have them.


Our final section is in regards to bath time and sterilizing bottles.

Many parents biggest concern is what if my baby drinks the water in the bath and our advice is don’t panic. Usually it’s such a small amount of water that they have consumed so it won’t cause any lasting effects. If your hotel does not have bath you can purchase or hire a baby bath, they are quite cheap and make it a little easier. We have never worried about the water and whilst we do know of some people that use the bottled water for their babies bath, for me I simply use tap water.

For sterilizing bottles I personally use a microwave sterilizer, I wash in the tap water, rinse with bottled water and then sterilize. If you are staying in a villa / apartment that has a microwave it’s a good idea to being the microwave sterilizing bags. They are easy to use and give you peace of mind that your bottles are clean.

For those of you staying in a hotel, you could ask the kitchen if they have a microwave which is most likely alternatively you can hire one from one of the Bali Baby hire businesses.

We hope this guide has answered some of your questions, if you have more questions please feel free to post below.

From the team at Bali with Kidz, we hope you have an enjoyable holiday.


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