August 13, 2019

Bali Fly Station

Are you ready to fly

Bali’s 1st Indoor Skydiving

Ages 4 to 70 years

Equipment supplied

100{136ca87458bb5da4652b1608cf91eed2957f6cfacdad65ffcf832336f14a8007} safety and comfort

Insurance included

Special promo

Book Bali Fly Station through Bali with kidz and get a 15{136ca87458bb5da4652b1608cf91eed2957f6cfacdad65ffcf832336f14a8007} discount

Contact :  WA +6281805643570

Email :


Have you ever wanted to try skydiving but just too scared to take the first step? Well look no further then Bali Fly Station, Bali’s 1st indoor skydiving center. Here you can fly high and enjoy the thrill and excitement.

Suitable for ages 4 to 70 years, Bali Fly Station’s trained professionals will ensure you get the best flying experience with 100{136ca87458bb5da4652b1608cf91eed2957f6cfacdad65ffcf832336f14a8007} safety guaranteed.

From the moment you step inside you are met with staff that will ensure your safety with clothing, shoes, goggles and helmet. Do a quick pref light training simulation and you are ready to go.

Each flight last approximately 2 minutes and whilst you may think that’s not a long time it will feel like a lot longer when you are flying. Did you know that a free fall flight of 12,500 ft takes approximately 1 minute.

Bali Fly Station trained team are there to help you each step of the way too, so if you are not confident in flying solo they will be there to help guide you and ensure you maximize your flight experience.

Spectators are welcome to watch from the viewing areas so have your camera ready so they can capture your flight experience.

Packages available

2 minutes – 1 Person 700,000.00 IDR

4 minutes – Up to 2 persons 1,120,000.00 IDR

6 minutes – Up to 3 persons 1,470,000.00 IDR

10 minutes – Up to 4 persons 2,100,000.00 IDR

Special promo – Book with Bali with kidz and receive a 15{136ca87458bb5da4652b1608cf91eed2957f6cfacdad65ffcf832336f14a8007} discount off the above quote rates.

Ticket Bali Fly Station prices included return transfer from Kuta, Seminyak and Legian areas for 3 people or more and insurance.

So grab a group of friends or bring your kids and book in for the ultimate indoor flying experience.  Located in Seminyak Bali, add this to your Bali holiday list.



Great fun for all ages

A big thumbs up from Baliwithkidz.

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